Growth Mindset INSET

Growth Mindset INSET

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Ofsted expects to see rapid academic progress and industry demands that schools produce more confident, resilient individuals – how can schools deliver for the new progress measures and start producing the right kind of learners?

The education secretary and the opposition education spokesman are both championing an approach that challenges the exam factory system. Teachers have known for a long time that good exam results alone does not necessary lead to success in life or work. Now is the time to embed a new culture of learning in every classroom that breeds confidence and resilience in learners – and delivers the grades.

The Growth Mindset INSET course is about how to develop a ‘growth mindset’ amongst students to turn them into high achievers. It will explore what Ofsted are looking for when they speak to your students, and build on the literacy initiatives currently in place, to help schools develop better learners who are work-ready.

The training will cover how to develop powerful communication skills for your students, and how to build their self-confidence and adaptability to help make them ready for exams, work and life. It will also look at how to embed a growth mindset amongst teachers to create a culture of highly effective peer coaching and continuous improvement.

This unique course is based on Carol Dweck’s theory on mindset, a ground-breaking idea which has a wide range of practical applications for teachers to use to assess and deliver progress.

Watch lead trainer Jackie Beere OBE explain growth ‘mindset’ for schools:

Jackie Beere Growth Mindset image

Jackie Beere OBE discusses the ground-breaking new approach which is sweeping UK schools and helping them to develop independent, confident and resilient learners. Watch the video here>>

Benefits of the Growth Mindset INSET training:

• Develop a growth mindset for staff and students to help everyone become better learners
• Raise achievement for targeted groups of students such as ‘most able’ or ‘disadvantaged’
• Find out how to create a culture of aspiration, determination and resilience in your school
• See models of the teaching in classrooms and lesson ideas that develop ‘typically’ resilient and hardworking students
• Create an action plan and timeline for creating a growth mindset school
• Develop a whole school approach to literacy and oracy
• See how powerful communication skills can be taught to students to improve confidence and motivation
• Pick up strategies and resources to start using immediately
• Discover the secret for coaching other teachers to develop a growth mindset
• Plan how to run a parent’s workshop
• Link performance management and CPD to the growth mindset strategies

On this training course, pick up the following resources:

• Lesson plans and projects to use at school
• Growth mindset checklists for teachers and parents
• Materials to develop presentation skills for pupils
• Set of mantras and pictures to use in classrooms
• Growth mindset health check
• Habits for success sheet for students
• Action plan to implement GRIT in your school

Course agenda:

Course Begins

How the national context is changing and why schools need to develop students with a growth mindset

• The changing national and international context and its new demands on teachers
• How and why a growth mindset links to results
• What are Ofsted expecting to hear when they talk to your students?
• How do the very best learners make progress?
• What does research tell us about how we can help students make more progress?

Classroom activities that develop students with a growth mindset

• Teaching that develops positive learning habits
• How to use assessment to develop resilience and motivation
• Independent learning in the classroom and at home
• Using choice, challenge and critical thinking to drive up standards

Classroom activities that develop learners and learning (cont)

• Feedback that prompts good progress for all students
• Project work that develops a powerful learning culture

Differentiation in the classroom: addressing individual needs to close the progress gap for learners

• Coaching pupils to become more resilient by challenging their limiting beliefs
• Lessons in emotional intelligence for groups or individuals
• Helping ‘more able’ learners achieve their goals
• Using literacy and oracy as core to pupil progress


Developing students’ communication skills to build resilience and make them work-ready

• Presentation skills for young people that grow confidence
• Transforming attitudes to learning through communication skills in the classroom

Growth mindset for teachers: performance management that delivers continuous improvement on a whole-school level

• Coaching and performance management
• CPD that promotes growth mindset for teachers Peer coaching, volunteering and leading
• Engaging parents to help them develop the GRIT at home with your students

Getting ready to make a difference

• Seven steps to becoming a growth mindset school
• Action planning and evaluation
• Creating a project timeline

Course Close

All courses are flexible in their content and a bespoke version of the agenda will be developed for your school following a call with the trainer. All courses are available for both Primary and Secondary schools.

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