Coaching to Improve Performance Management INSET

Coaching to Improve Performance Management INSET

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Are some teachers hard to help? Do you want consistent quality lessons for all students in school?

What do you do with defensive teachers who are stuck on average learning and teaching?

The only way to achieve consistently outstanding teaching on a whole-school level is to ensure teachers make their own journey towards ‘Outstanding’. In this highly practical course; learn how to implement a powerful coaching model that will deliver long lasting teacher improvement.

At the Coaching to Improve Performance Management INSET course, staff will pick up practical strategies that they can apply in lessons and implement immediately. They will learn how to give powerful feedback, tap into struggling teachers’ potential and unblock key barriers to progress.

This inspirational training will address where coaching fits into the new Ofsted framework, how to build it into your CPD programme and how to use it to make rapid progress towards 90% good and outstanding lessons.

Benefits of the Coaching to Improve Performance Management INSET training:

• Understand Ofsted’s requirements for performance management and where coaching fits into your CPD programme
• Effectively identify underperforming staff through lesson observations and data analysis
• Unblock barriers to progress with defensive staff who are ‘stuck’ and help them find their own way to outstanding
• Practice giving powerful feedback through role play
• Develop strong listening skills
• Quantitatively demonstrate the outcomes of your coaching programme to Ofsted
• Understand how coaching links to performance management, learning and teaching, CPD and pupil progress

Course agenda:

Course Opens

Where does coaching fit into the new Ofsted framework?

• Understanding the exact requirements for performance management
• Demonstrating how teachers are being supported to continually improve performance
• Ensuring that coaching becomes part of your self-evaluation model
• Fitting in with your wider school improvement plan

Identifying the need for coaching

• Gathering evidence to identify underperforming staff – lesson observations and analysing data
• Getting staff ‘buy-in’ as you begin the coaching process

Implementing a coaching model to make rapid progress towards outstanding teaching

• Becoming an outstanding performance coach
• Identifying barriers to progress
• STRIDE: A coaching model to use in school
• Giving powerful feedback
• Developing key listening skills
• Converting effective coaching into 90% good and outstanding lessons

Evaluating the impact of your coaching programme

• Quantitative and qualitative measures of progress
• Demonstrating outcomes from coaching to Ofsted


Integrating coaching into your CPD programme

• Training middle leaders to be effective coaches
• Creating a culture of coaching as part of your performance management programme for all staff

Coaching in the classroom

• Using coaching techniques with students to improve learning
• Peer coaching

Course Close

All courses are flexible in their content and a bespoke version of the agenda will be developed for your school following a call with the trainer. All courses are available for both Primary and Secondary schools.

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