The Perfect Teacher (Wales)

A one-day guide to becoming a highly effective teacher

With Nina Jackson

22nd May 2014 BDO LLP, Helmont House, Cardiff
  • Every teacher has their own style, method and delivery to achieve great progress for their learners.  Teachers have never had so much accountability and pressure to achieve outcomes as they do today – from curriculum changes to planning outstanding lessons, from demonstrating progress to Estyn to closing the gap in performance for all pupils and teachers - it can become overwhelming.

    This unique one-day workshop will show you the steps you need to take to become a highly effective teacher, and revive your passion for teaching. Packed with practical strategies, examples and resources to take back to school, this workshop shows you how to be the best teacher you can be, and still have time for a life. If you are leading on teaching and learning, this course will help you support your teachers to achieve consistency and confidence in the classroom. Take a look at The Perfect Teacher (Wales) programme.

    All delegates at the workshop will receive a free copy of the Perfect Teacher book and a pack of teaching resources to take away!

    Benefits of attending:

    • Create an action plan and timeline for becoming a highly effective teacher
    • Watch and analyse video examples of grade 1 ‘excellent’ and grade 2 ‘good’ practice in the classroom
    • Get your passion back for teaching
    • Pick up strategies and resources to take back to the classroom and start using immediately
    • Discover the secret shortcuts outstanding teachers take
    • Learn how to manage relationships with learners to maximise progress
    • Pick up top tips on using technology in the classroom
    • Take home tools to help you grow and evolve your mindset and your classroom practice

    At this event pick up the following resources:

    • The Perfect Teacher’s 5 minute lesson plan
    • Teacher tracker tool
    • STRIDE coaching model
    • A4-sized teaching and learning policy
    • Self-evaluation tool for classroom teaching
    • Growth mindset healthcheck
    • The Perfect Teacher’s toolkit

    • Print
    09:15Workshop opens
    Part 1: To be led by an Estyn Inspector
    09:30How Estyn sees The Perfect Teacher
    • How do the very best teachers deliver progress every day?
    • What do pupils’ books look like in The Perfect Teacher’s class?
    • Priority ticklist for excellent teachers
    10:15Perfect Teachers in action – critically review video examples of grade 1 ‘good’ and grade 2 ‘excellent’ teaching
    11:15Morning refreshments
    Part 2: Led by Nina Jackson, Associate Independent Thinking Ltd; Freelance Education Consultant and Trainer
    11:35The Perfect Teacher’s dynamic lesson
    • Getting the basics right – objectives, questions, active and independent learning, differentiation, plenary
    • The Perfect Teacher’s 5 minute lesson plan
    • Delivering literacy and numeracy in line with Estyn guidelines
    • Closing the gap through SEN provision in the classroom
    • Assessment as learning
    • Progress and process – every lesson
    13:30How The Perfect Teacher manages relationships with learners
    • Creating resilient learners through Behaviour for Learning
    • Goal setting for rapid progress
    • Top tips for using technology in the classroom to engage students
    • Create the optimum state of mind for learning – developing the growth mindset
    14:15How The Perfect Teacher works with colleagues to raise standards on a whole-school level
    • Coaching and performance management
    • Collaboration to make every teacher a leader – teachmeet, learning forums and lesson observations
    14:45Afternoon refreshments
    15:05How The Perfect Teacher coaches themselves and manages their career
    • Personal coaching and self-evaluation
    • Surviving the hard times – thinking ‘as if’ you love teaching and believing in the cause
    • Managing a worklife balance – the secret shortcuts ‘excellent’ teachers take
    • Building in measures for sustained improvement
    15:35Getting ready to go back and make a difference
    • Action planning and evaluation
    • Creating a project timeline for becoming The Perfect Teacher
    • Becoming a change agent
    • The Perfect Teacher’s toolkit
    16:05Workshop closes
  • Biographies

    The Perfect Teacher (Wales)

    Freelance education consultant and associate of Independent Thinking Ltd

    Nina is an International Award-winning Education Consultant and is a leading practitioner in outstanding learning and teaching. She has a particular gift of working with SEND, engaging disaffected learners, mental and emotional health issues and is also a technology expert. Her vast and various expertise is second to none. She’s one of those rare individuals who puts every child and teacher first. Her training courses on all aspects of Learning and Teaching always leave educationalists wanting more – she is in high demand for working with teachers, students and educationalists alike.

    Winner of the IPDA International Prize for Education and described by the TES as an ‘inspirational, evangelical preacher of education’, Nina is a tour-de-force when it comes to enlivening teaching and learning for all. Her background as an innovative teacher and leader of learning, trainer and education consultant has had an overwhelming impact on education both in the UK and on an international basis. She has worked with the Ministry of Education, UNESCO and UNICEF in Chile, Ghana, India, China the Middle and Far East.

    She believes that every educationalist should take responsibility for their own learning and her philosophy for continued growth in education has been her foundation for continued professional development.

    Nina is one of the happiest, effervescent personalities in education today and puts her own learning, and the learning of others at the heart of everything she believes in.

    She runs her own training Company ‘Teach Learn Create Ltd’ and is an Associate Director with ‘Independent Thinking Ltd’, she also works with Dragonfly Training Ltd.

    Nina is author of:

    ‘Of Teaching, Learning & Sherbet Lemons’ – Independent Thinking Press an imprint of Crown House Publishing

    ‘The Little Book of Music for the Classroom’ – Crown House Publishing

    Contributor to:

    Big Book of Independent Thinking – Crown House Publishing

    Don’t change the light bulbs: A compendium of expertise from the UK s most switched-on educators – Crown House Publishing
    There Is Another Way: The Second Big Book of Independent Thinking – Release date Nov 2015.

    Nina Jackson's testimonials

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Nina Jackson

Freelance education consultant and associate of Independent Thinking Ltd


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